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Piano Teacher Westwood



After consulation, we would look at the piano styles the student would like to accomplish from boogey woogey and stride piano to contemporary piano stylings using blocking broken chords. including voice leading and reharmonization. 

Voice Teacher Westwood



After working with the adolescent voice for over 40 years,  i've learned the most important part of the voice lessons is to determine small manageable goals such as increasing the dynamic range, sight reading or playing piano and singing at the same time.


After consulting with the student, I would suggest songs and material that will start to begin to cultivate an individual style with each student

Music Teacher Travers



Lessons will be created based on the students experience. Beginning students will learn the foundational aspects of music theory.


The more advanced student will study topics including primary triads, inversions, seventh chords, reharmonization and the function of accompianment in music 

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